Ship Unloader

These cranes are used to convey raw materials from ships. Mostly they are equipped with grabs and a hopper that feeds a conveying route. Other unloading systems are possible, too. They are designed to allow a quick unloading and a short waiting time for the ships at once.


Four-girder-type with up to 500 tons payload, two trolleys for an efficient process flow.

They can be classified into:


  • Scrap charging
  • Hot metal ladle handling crane
  • Teeming ladle handling crane
  • Steel ladle handling crane 


They serve the blast furnace with necessary raw material and handles the ladle for transport of molten steel.

Shipyard/Dock cranes

Up to 110 m jib length and 100 tons payload.

These cranes are used for loading/unloading ships.

They are designed with a rope level balance mechanism to keep the hook on the same level if it will be not hoisted.

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