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First Airbag Test Laboratories handed over to TAKATA Miskolc

Company HuDe handed over the first working Airbag Test Laboratories to our customer TAKATA in Miskolc successfully.

The first official airbag test at TAKATA Miskolc has been performed in December 2014. This test was the beginning of the next phase of installation and commissioning works on the way to finish a highly modern giant testing complex.  

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NEW for Airbag-Labs: SmartNotify

HuDe is well known for high quality test systems and more than 100 HuDe airbag test systems and laboratories are in use in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The success of our systems motivates us, to develop our systems continuously and make them better and more innovative, year by year.

Based on this development, we are proud to present our new innovate feature for HuDe airbag test systems:

HuDe SmartNotify

SmartNotify allows perceiving the actual status of the test system with one view in direction of our cabinet.

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Automatic Climate Chamber

The new HuDe Automatic Climate Chamber allows testing with temperature range from -50 to +120 °C. The automatic transfer system transports a payload up to 40 kg in less than 10 seconds.

The automatic door is able to close directly after transportation and before test, so the loss of the temperature is lower and this will bring a energy saving and costs benefit.

This is good for our customers and it's good for our environment!

That's why this new chamber is one of the first new HuDe products of the HuDe testingreen energy saving and environment protection product line.

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LED lamp with 145,000 Lumen

The new BoostNova is the perfect light solution for the use of modern high-speed cameras.

Boost Nova allows videos recording in highest quality by up to 10,000 fps without any visible flickering!

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Successful pre-acceptance of the CCTS

July 2013, Successful pre-acceptance of Component Crash Test System in Erkelenz

Together with our customer BAOSTEEL and our chinese partners Shanghai Hengde Science & Technology, we successfully performed the pre-acceptance of the CCTS (Component Crash Test Systems).

We would like to say thank you and 谢谢 for the pleasant and friendly cooperation and we are looking forward to the installation and commissioning in Shanghai.


DTTD – Drop Tower Test Device

Innovative measuring device for EOL tests regarding to several OEM specification.

With the combination and modification to each requirement based for the IP clap test, our new DTTD will cover almost every special issue.

Features like special lighting system, high speed camera recording or other customer wishes can be integrated in this product so that you will get one measuring device for all your works that are asked for.

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NEW: Software for High-Speed-Cameras

We proudly present our new software plugin for easy and stable integration of High Speed Cameras into our Airbag Test software. 

To provide an easy handling and controlling of high speed cameras from different manufactures and types, we developed a new plugin-based software module interface for our airbag-software. We call it "UNICam". 

UNICam supports the common high-speed-camera models of the main manufacturers (Photron, NAC, Phantom, IDT, Olympus,..). 



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New Airbag-Test-Lab in India

June 2013 - HuDe hands over new Airbag Test Laboratory in Pune, India.

Together with our Indian partner Tesscorn, HuDe installed and handed over the new Airbag Test Laboratory PRO-i4-S for our new customer ARAI India in Pune.

We would like to say thank you to the ARAI team and to our partners from Tesscorn for the friendly, nice and successful cooperation and we are looking forward to more common projects in future.

Visit our customer ARAI in web: 





ARAI - The Automotive Research Association of India



HuDe Airbag Test Deliveries World Wide

New Markets Openend for HuDe Airbag Test Systems

Following the automotive manufacturing trail to all the growing regions of the world, in 2011 HuDe has delivered many brand new airbag test facilities worldwide. BRIC — this small economic shortcut is also a symbol for the worlds automotive future.

„From here actually comes the highest demand for sophisticated test technology made by HuDe. We are going to proceed the success from Europe, South Africa and China consequently in South America, Russia and India. Our German testing technology is already exported to Brazil, Argentina, Near East and Russia and the clients acceptance is great. Using well trained local partners for customer support and service is one of the key principles of this HuDe international business“ says HuDe VP Bodo Streich.

Full Automatic Igniter Tester

In Line Themal Transient Tester for Squib Production

To verify the igniter manufacturing for airbags and micro gas generators the Thermal Transient Principle is a very common test method. The new HuDe TTT unit is a full automatic thermal transient tester for twin lane operation in PLC controlled production lines. Within about one second two igniters are tested and the results are sent to the process control system.

New agent for Slovakia

After successful cooperation of many years standing, decided HuDe and the company JD Dvořák , from Prag to increase their cooperation.

From now on are Mr. Jaroslav Dvořák and his team responsible for the customers in Slovakia as well as for the Czech Republic. Through the proximity and the wide network in this region, is HuDe able to react quicker to inquiries and has got a better presence for you.

Visit our business partner in the internet:

Success by Modular Design

The Key — Easy to Extend Durable Technology

Airbag testing technology is always in progress. Some of the oldest HuDe airbag deployment systems are from the early 90‘s and still in operation. Of course by technical progress the systems are improved year by year. New series of high speed cameras, full automatic test sample handling and many additional firing channels with modern data acquisition components keep the HuDe systems running for a long life. If an airbag deployment test laboratory shall be extended by a dynamic impact test system—no problem. Common use of the existing core components in addition with new PLC controlled test hardware, this is the best way to get best performance by clear investment.

30 Years HuDe

The whole HuDe team celebrated its 30th birthday in June 2011with pride and joy.

We celebrated a great summer festival in our company's garden with numerous business associates, business partners of many years standing and the mayor of the city Erkelenz on a sunny day.

Besides delicious meals and nice live music was the highlight of the evening the presentation of the new company building in the Gewerbestraße Süd 43 in Erkelenz.

We are glad about the next 30 years with new tasks as well as new challenges and would like to say thank you to our customers for the great teamwork and the loyalty of many years standing!


New HuDe Ignition Device BF14

The new HuDe Ignition Device BF14 is the following model of HuDe BF12 and supports us on the way to the future of Ultra Multi-Stage Ignition Technologies.

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