NEW for Airbag-Labs: SmartNotify

HuDe is well known for high quality test systems and more than 100 HuDe airbag test systems and laboratories are in use in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The success of our systems motivates us, to develop our systems continuously and make them better and more innovative, year by year.

Based on this development, we are proud to present our new innovate feature for HuDe airbag test systems:

HuDe SmartNotify

SmartNotify allows perceiving the actual status of the test system with one view in direction of our cabinet.

  • Is there an emergency stop situation?
  • Is the system ready for test?  
  • Is a test in progress right now?


In addition to the classical security equipment, like flashing lights and beepers, now SmartNotify will inform you about the actual system status, by using state of the art colored LED SMD lights. 


The combination from hardware and software allows the dynamic visualization of different status information by using several intuitive color scenarios.

SmartNotify combines new useful functionality with design and provides a better recognition of the system status. This will increase the user comfort and brings a little bit more visual safety to the world of airbag testing.


From now on, SmartNofity will be integrated in all new turnkey airbag test labs, if wished.


The upgrade of existing systems is possible.


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