DTTD – Drop Tower Test Device

Innovative measuring device for EOL tests regarding to several OEM specification.

With the combination and modification to each requirement based for the IP clap test, our new DTTD will cover almost every special issue.

Features like special lighting system, high speed camera recording or other customer wishes can be integrated in this product so that you will get one measuring device for all your works that are asked for.



  • monitoring the process stability for the weakening 
    of the passenger airbag opening line
  • automatic adjustable high positioning
    approx. from 0mm to 2,200mm
  • free fall with a small friction coefficient
  • B-sided-mounting at the airbag modul interface
  • special shock absorb
  • laser to identify the impact point
  • surface- and ambient temperaturmeasuring












Technical Information 

Our basic product include measuring the parameter up to the latest technical standards of 

  • the acceleration with two special acceleration sensors
  • the velocity with selected light barriers
  • the impact force with plant force sensor




  • adjustable drop high
    1,000mm to 2,200mm
  • energy at a high of 2,200mm from
    160J up to 400J
  • integrated weight measuring system
  • central impact point to the passenger airbag flap
  • speed measuring-, accelerations measuring-, force measuring-system
  • room temperature and IP-surface measuring system 



For further product information, you can also extend the basic system with

  • high speed cameras, to analyses the impact and the opening of the IP specimen
  • lighting system to get the highest quality of your recording 


Drop Test Stamp


Based to the special IP dimension, we can perform your impact stamp:
  • extensible different Stamps can be changed (max. surface 100mm x 200mm)
  • test-stamp can be dimensioned by the customer
  • material can be given by the customer
    (regard weight tolerance)



Functional Drop Tower

Prepare your test with add some weights up to 20kg to reach the energy you want to have for your test. Complete the data in the easy making software and start the test to get the report for your documentation.


  • highest reproducibility
  • optimized handling
  • HuDe special data acquisition with HuDe software
  • updated HuDe PRO-i4 signal processing





High reproducibility and accuracy of the measuring sensors and data acquisition. 

Measurement data

  • impact velocity
  • displacement
  • kinetic energy
  • weight of impactor
  • impact force
  • acceleration
  • high-speed video

Flexible testing

  • highest reproducibility
  • adjustable payload from approx.
    8 to 20 kg
  • velocity up to approx. 6.2 m/s
  • energy up to approx. 400J
  • exchangeable impactor
  • optimized handling



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