New HuDe Ignition Device BF14

The new HuDe Ignition Device BF14 is the following model of HuDe BF12 and supports us on the way to the future of Ultra Multi-Stage Ignition Technologies.

In modern cars the built in passive safety components are becoming more and more complex and the amount of pyrotechnical actuators are increasing.

Based on this fact, the COP or development testing systems have to be able to do multi stage ignition test. So more and more ignition channels in test systems are necessary.

To ensure the long-term compatiblity and expandability of our test systems, we reduced the width of the BF Ignition device to the half widths, so we are able to integrate the double amount of ignition channels into our HuDe Interfacer devices.


New HuDe Airbag test laboratories and systems are already prepared for the use of 6 ignition channels. But the extension to even more ignition channels is also possible.

The use or the extension of up to 24 ignition channels is available.


The BF14 is fully compatible to the HuDe BF12 and can be used together with existing HuDe Ignition devices.

That's why we can generate the best ignition signal quality of a HuDe ignition device ever.


Besides these advantages the new ignition device will also bring and advanced command set and a internal stored serial number for the device identification and also a completley new integrated ignition counter.


A higher ignition voltage (48 V) and also an added offset current to detect contact losses are available as options.





Technical data                 
Ignition voltage:   0,00 - 28,00 V/optional 0,00 - 48,00 V  (res. 100 mV)
Ignition current:  

0 - 5000 mA  (res. 1 mA)

Ignition pulse duration:   0,01 - 10,00 ms  (res. 1 µs)
Watchdog time:   adjustable in ms
Resistance measurement:   2-wire/4-wire (res. 0,03 Ohm)
Safety:   2 independent saftey circuits
Options:   increase of ignition voltage to 48 Volt
    offset current (20-25 mA) for detection of contact loss
Additional features:   Serial number internally stored for identification
    integrated ignition counter
Connection interface:   4-contact Wago-Plug
Compatibility:   HuDe Interfacer / BF12 (IF-612)
Internal code.:   IF-631


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