DTTD – Drop Tower Test Device

Innovative measuring device for EOL tests regarding to several OEM specification.

With the combination and modification to each requirement based for the IP clap test, our new DTTD will cover almost every special issue.

Features like special lighting system, high speed camera recording or other customer wishes can be integrated in this product so that you will get one measuring device for all your works that are asked for.

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Airbag inflator test

The airbag gas generator is component of a restrain system and has the task of taking an airbag to function ready condition at ignition by a sensor. 

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Head Impact Test

The head impact test serves the manufacturer of steering wheels, seats, head-rests, instrument panels etc. and the costumers for the proof that the products fulfill the cossresponding regulations of the ECE-R 12.

A rigid examining head is accelerated with a mass of 6.8 kilograms and a diameter from 165 mm on a speed of at least 24.1 km/h. 

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Airbag Static-Deployment-Test

For the Airbag-Deployment test we stretch the airbag module on to a device, which correspond to the module of the automobile and start the test.

The ignition of the airbag-modules works with the HuDe airbag-software, which is responsible for the administration and the evaluation of the measurement results.

Besides the automatic control of the light and climatic chamber, get the high speed cameras support of the software, so that the videos can be downloaded automatically and be generated.

Body Block Test System

The Body Block Test System checks the steering-wheel for the rule of the ECE-R-12. Our product represents the quality of the steering-wheel for their producer and the costumer.

We perform the test with an upper body torso of 35 kg (to rule ECE-R-12) and let it hurl with a speed of minimum 24,1 km/h into a steering-wheel, which is rigid fitted to an adapter.

Besides you have got the options to check parts of the bodywork, housing and so on.

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